COREtec Stone Flooring

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  • MORINA Color 16486
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  • SABINE Color 12242
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  • MARI Color 12245
  • HARMONIA Color 12247
  • SELENE Color 12248
  • ASHANI Color 12249
  • EDESIA Color 12250
  • EGERIA Color 18241
  • IONA Color 18242
  • HERSILLIA Color 18243
  • LEVANA Color 18244
  • JUNO Color 18245
  • NONA Color 18246
  • MURCIA Color 18247
  • MINERVA Color 18248
  • LUCINA Color 18249
  • RUSSA Color 18250
  • SEMONIA Color 18361
  • PELLONIA Color 18362
  • VESTA Color 18363
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  • SENTIA Color 18365


Stone can play an essential role in determining the success of your interior decoration. It single-handedly can up your design game by multiple levels. But did you know that using this uber-sophisticated material does come at a cost? All of its beauty and charisma come with weaknesses. Its slippery, brittle, porous, and unavoidably vulnerable to natural weathering. The biggest worry? It is costly. But with Coretec Stone Flooring, you can keep all your worries at bay.

All you do is enjoy the premium experience of natural stone looking surfaces minus its downsides. The brand manufactures Coretec Stone Flooring with the innovation vinyl technology. Making the core out of recycled wood and bamboo dust, limestone, and virgin PVC, the material is 100% waterproof. That means now, you do not need to worry about your surface getting swelled even if it gets wet.

What’s more, Coretec Stone Flooring cork underlayment absorbs noise more than any traditional surface flooring material in the market. But that’s not where its niceness ends. Now, you can install the products seamlessly hassle-free and in no time. Its innovative snap and click installation process enable you to avoid all glue and nails from your place.

Here is not where Coretec stops to provide value to you. Coretec Stone Flooring is a champion when it comes to maintenance. Sweeping and mopping is a breeze with the product. Coretec’s design game is unparalleled.

Embossed in a thermo-raisin layer, the finish provides realism at its best while its grout lines match your floor perfectly. But, do not get nervous because of its premium quality and feel. All of its goodness is designed to make sure it pleases every aspect of your needs, including your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Discount Flooring Liquidators give your interiors the revamp it deserves. Visit our site and shop Coretec Stone Flooring today!

COREtec Stone Flooring Product Specifications

SKU: VV568
Plank Dimensions: 18.54″ x 37.09″ x 8 mm
Sq. Ft./Carton: 28.65
Construction: Heterogeneous
Edge Profile: Accent Bevel
Core: Mineral Core
Attached Underlayment: Attached Cork
Installation Method: Floating, Direct Glue
Installation Level: Above, On, Below
Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Structure Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Waterproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Pet-proof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Commercial Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard (Certification, Gold, Private Label) Certified

COREtec Stone Flooring

If you are looking for a superior flooring within your budget, then COREtec Stone Flooring is the perfect solution. Your friends and family will love this one. Pick up the phone and give us a call now! Best pricing around.


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