COREtec Original Plus Design

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  • DISTINCTION IPE Color 00016
  • DIVERGENCE OAK Color 00018
  • FASCINATION OAK Color 00014
  • INSPIRATION OAK Color 00012
Color 00011 ACCOLADE OAK


If you are considering to give your place a makeover, flooring has to be no doubt one of your top priorities. However, hitting all your expectations is a task of onus. However, COREtec Original Plus Design makes that easy for you. With high-end quirky designs meeting sturdy balanced surfaces, now you can start building your dream-space without compromising on anything, even your budget.

COREtec Original Plus Design products are made of virgin polymers, recycled woods, and bamboo which makes your floor sturdy and dimensionally super stable. What makes it even more unique is that it is 100% waterproof. That means you do not need to take the stress of swelling or warping while exposed to water.

In fact, going that extra mile Coretec achieves not only durability but sheer perfection. Perfecting the imperfections of woods, it corrects the problem of slipping too. However, its sturdy body does not stop it from achieving desirable looks in any way.

Coretec Original Plus Design is one of the most premium designed flooring available in the market. No matter what your choice is, it never fails to match your style. Taking bold styling a notch higher, Coretec’s Embossing technology with multi-tone and multi-width planks seamlessly make your style statement.

With designs certified by Greenguard Gold for indoor air quality, it makes sure that your homes are healthy too while being happy. Unlike other LVP products that are simulated with graphics, a Coretec flooring gives you real textures and grains.

Thus, the feel of a Coretec floor is many times more realistic than any other vinyl flooring. You can often mistake a to be a premium hardwood plank. Thus, if you are in search of a solution that is durable, classy yet does not burn out your pocket, Coretec is your answer.

However, the best part of the product is that all of its goodness doesn’t intend to burn your pocket. A typical Coretec product can cost you around $8.15 for one tile measuring one sq. ft.

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SKU: VV025
Plank Dimensions: 20.98″ x 179.92″ x 8 mm
Sq. Ft./Carton: 20.97
Construction: Heterogeneous
Edge Profile: Micro Bevel
Core: Waterproof Polymer Core (WPC)
Attached Underlayment: Attached Cork
Installation Method: Float, Direct Glue
Installation Level: Above, On, Below
Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Structure Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Waterproof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Pet-proof Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Commercial Warranty: Limited 10 Year Medium Commercial
Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard Certified

COREtec Original Plus Design

COREtec Original Plus Design for new construction or home makeover, your friends and family will love this COREtec Flooring. Waterproof, kid-proof and pet-proof. Built to stand up to all kinds of real life. Give us a call for our best price.