COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank

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  • ALABASTER OAK Color 00706
  • AMELIA Color 00712
  • BLACKSTONE OAK Color 00707
  • BROAD SPAR OAK Color 00710
  • CABIN OAK Color 00711
  • CANARY OAK Color 00764
  • FIDALGO Color 00715
  • GEORGETOWN OAK Color 00701
  • HUDSON VALLEY Color 00708
  • IVORY COAST Color 00705
  • KINGSWOOD OAK Color 00210
  • MARSH Color 00714
  • MIDWAY Color 00716
  • NANTUCKET OAK Color 00211
  • OLYMPIC PINE Color 00709
  • SAGINAW OAK Color 00704
  • ST. ANDREW'S OAK Color 00209
  • WATERFRONT OAK Color 00703
  • WHIDBEY Color 00713


If you have always craved the look of wood flooring but refrained from installing one because of maintenance hassles, then you should check the COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank. The collection is a unique blend of form and function and will change your conception of vinyl flooring.

The COREtec flooring has a special patented polymer core, which is 100% waterproof and doesn’t swell on contact with water. A tough 20 mils wear layer makes it extremely resilient to wear and tear.

The waterproofing and durability make the flooring from COREtec perfect for spaces that have high footfall or are splash prone or are frequented by kids and pets. COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank has a cork underlayment, which makes walking or standing for long periods comfortably. The layer also reduces sound, keeps the floor warm and resists molds and mildews.

The fourteen stunning wood shades replicate the actual texture and grains of oak and pine. You will be surprised by the look and feel of the flooring line as it can be mistaken as engineered wood. The typical striations of the species are offered in stunning colors of varying hues of brown and grey.

The lighter shades like Ivory Coast Oak are perfect for the expansive yet minimal look while the dark shades like Georgetown Oak impart a warm coziness. You can also choose from the multi-tonal shades like Canary Oak or Hudson Valley Oak for a more dramatic look.

The wide plank sizes of 7.13″x 48″ with plank variations boost the visual appeal strongly and you can also experiment with layout patterns suitable to your taste and space.
Since you value quality, COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank presents a perfect investment opportunity. Marvel at the look and feel of the flooring collection and its performance. The service and lifetime warranty from COREtec come as standard with this collection.


SKU: VV024
Plank Dimensions: 7.13″ x 48.03″ x 8 mm
Sq. Ft./Carton: 38.24
Construction: Heterogeneous
Edge Profile: Micro Bevel
Core: Waterproof Polymer Core (WPC)
Attached Underlayment: Attached Cork
Installation Method: Float, Direct Glue
Installation Level: Above, On, Below
Residential Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Structure Warranty: 15 Year Limited Commer Wear
Waterproof Warranty: 15 Year Limited Commer Wear
Pet-proof Warranty: 15 Year Limited Commer Wear
Commercial Warranty: 15 Year Limited Commer Wear
Environmental Certifications: GreenGuard Certified, FloorScore Certified

COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank

Comes with a Waterproof Polymer Core (WPC), this COREtec Original Plus 7 Plank will last you a very long time. Certified in every way makes this COREtec Flooring, people proof, pet-proof, and water-proof. Pick up the phone and reserve your low price today.