Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5

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  • COPPER Color 12000
  • NICKEL Color 15003
  • PEWTER Color 15010
  • GOLDEN ORE Color 37212
  • HAMMER GLOW Color 37372
  • RINGING ANVIL Color 37522


Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 is a matchless collection from this reputed company that brings the natural essence and feel of Hickory wood to the American homes. In comparison to solid wood, engineered hardwood is becoming the most sought-after flooring option in present days, as they are suitable for any difficult areas of the home.

Be it the bathroom, the kitchen or the basement engineered hardwood flooring fits everywhere as it has the stability to resist humidity and fluctuation of temperature. In the emerging industry of engineered hardwood, Anderson Harwood Flooring has already created a buzz with its high quality, durable, industry standard and easy to install product lines.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 boasts the natural graining and hardness of Hickory and makes it the most desirable product line for the homeowners. Hand scraped by the best artisans, the collection possesses the amazing knots, the presence of mineral streaks, wormholes and a dramatic range of color variation.

The boards are available in 5” width and have a thickness of 3/8” and beveled edge profile. With a hardness rating of 2300, the line ensures the strength to fight against the daily wear and tear.

This extraordinary Hickory wood collection is presented to the users in an array of natural shades and creates a benchmark in the hardwood flooring industry. The users can choose among Copper, Golden Ore, Hammer Glow, Nickel, Pewter and Ringing Anvil according to their wish. They can even ask for samples till 4 shades of Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 by browsing their online catalog.

The products of Anderson Hardwood flooring feature quick and easy installation with the help of no-wax and factory-applied finish. The manufacturer assures the stability and the durability by giving comprehensive warranty of 30 years. So, if you are building a new house or going for renovation, choose Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 collection that can bear your footsteps for years.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 Product Specifications

item number: AA784
thickness: 3/8″
width: 5″
hardness rating (psi): 2300
edge profile: Beveled
surface Type Scraped
floor type: Engineered
material: Hickory
country of origin: USA
radiant heat: OK
Warranty: 30 Years
Not Available in Canada

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Palo Duro 5 is a very nice engineered hardwood flooring. 30 Year Warranty and will withstand a large family. Comes in some awesome color choices, Put some in your cart today.