Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park

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  • BRIDALVEIL Color 11003
  • VERNAL Color 11012
  • NEVADA Color 12008
  • RIBBON Color 15005
  • WAPAMA Color 15011
  • HORSETAIL Color 17002


Anderson Hardwood Flooring, an American company, created a niche in the flooring market by manufacturing supreme quality hand scraped hardwood floorings. The most prominent name among these collections is Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park.

The company actually uses artisans in this process instead of machines proving each and every collection a different texture and look. The manufacturer also creates a handful of smooth surface collections for a little more formal setups.

With the unique 4 – Sided Beveled edge profile, this smooth, engineered collection can add radiance to any interior decor. The boards are sanded individually and then painted white. After that, they are sanded again by hand to provide a smooth surface.

The character of the Oak species peaks out through the paint giving the flooring a real wood look. At the end, the boards are finished with a top stain which results in the complete look of Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park.

The boards of the Muirs Park collection are 1 /2” thick and has a width of 5”.It also has a residential warranty of 50 years from the company. The boards can be installed over radiant heat and have a hardness rating of 1610. The UV-cured finish by the company, assures you about the wearability.

The collection also has the benefits of easy installation making it a suitable choice for the consumers. Available in 6 different shades of Bridalveil, Horsetail, Nevada, Ribbon, Vernal, and Wapama, the collection can be matched with several styles of furniture and add a new light to your flooring.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring uses Cross-Lock system, which was invented by the founder himself while constructing engineered hardwood. This technology results in strong planks which give durability to the Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park line as well as the entire range of engineered collection. Use this Oak hardwood flooring and give a classic look to your interior.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park Product Specs

item number: AA775
thickness: 1/2″
width: 5″
square footage per box: 26.01
hardness rating: (psi) 1610
edge profile: 4 – Sided Bevel
surface type: Smooth
floor type: Engineered
material: Oak
radiant heat: OK
Warranty: 50 Year

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Muirs Park is a 4-sided bevel edge for easy install. Engineered Oak with a smooth finish, a 50-year warranty to last you a very long time. Your friends and family will love this one, put some in your cart today.