Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2

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  • CLAM SHELL Color 15007
  • PRISTINE Color 11011


A hardwood floor is the choice of millions of American homes as it has a warm, homely and timeless appeal. Anderson flooring has successfully catered to this choice over decades with its whole host of products, which stands for quality, toughness, visual appeal and durability. Anderson hardwood was set up in 1946 as a small family business and from there it has grown today to one the leading and loved hardwood manufacturers of the nation. Each Anderson flooring collection stands for superior durability, unmatched craftsmanship, and breathtaking beauty. Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2 Collection is a perfect example of these values.

The Coastal Art Oak 2 Collection evokes the coastal life. It stirs up the smells of the salty wind, sounds of the waves and the birds, the sheer delight of the rippling ocean and the play of lights on the water and sand. Each piece of the collection is carefully artisan crafted to infuse these spirits and memories the resilience and strength of Oak, underlining the essentials to live naturally in a demanding environment.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2 Collection is available in broad planks of a ½ inch thickness and 5-inch width, recalling the wide planks of the boardwalk by the sea. The smooth textured surface and the distinctive color adds to the appeal of the collection. The collection is manufactured by the exclusive Cross-Locked Engineered technique to impart superior strength and durability allowing an unmatched ease of use straight out of the carton.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2 Collection is a lighter shade of wood flooring and is available in two different styles and hues – Clam Shell, and Pristine. Each style is inherently crafted to suit your design requirement. Also please take a look at the wide range of Anderson flooring collection. We can proudly state that we have something for every taste.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2 Product Specs

style number: AA774
thickness: 1/2″
width: 5″
square footage per box: 26.01
hardness rating: (psi) 1650
edge profile: Beveled
surface type: Smooth
floor type: Engineered
material: Oak
radiant heat: OK
Warranty: 50 Years

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak 2

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Coastal Art Oak is an engineered hardwood flooring, beautiful to say the least. 12 inch thick and okay in the kitchen for moisture. Comes with a 50 Year Warranty. You're going to love this one. Put some in your cart today.