Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank

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  • COPPER Color 12000
  • GOLDEN ORE Color 37212
  • HAMMER GLOW Color 37372
  • NICKEL Color 15003
  • PEWTER Color 15010
  • RINGING ANVIL Color 37522


If you are in the market for a trusted and long-standing hardwood flooring manufacturer, the Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank collection is a beautiful choice.

Elevate your home interiors with flooring that reflects your sense of style – modern and elegant with a penchant for natural wood graining. You can take your pick from six original and rustic shades that each conveys an old world antique charm.

Since 1946, Anderson hardwood flooring has specialized in lovely hues that light up any family home across the USA. They embody classic American ideals of consistent quality and innovative designs to give any room a unique touch.

The Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank series is crafted with premium hickory wood and available in sizing of 5” wide and 3/8” thickness. In terms of installation. This engineered hardwood can be placed in various ways including glued, stapled or as a floating installation. The length of the hardwood can be adjusted to suit your floors, depending on whether you are adding it to a large or small area.

This particular hardwood flooring series is an unbeatable choice for heavy traffic areas in your home and lasts for many years without noticeable wear and tear. The wire brushed hardwood is also perfect if you prefer distinct grain patterns in your flooring choice.

Colors in the Bentley Plank collection come in a wide range to suit a range of customers and their style quotient. For instance, the Weather shade is more conventional brown for an understated and contemporary appeal in any setting.

Hammer Glow with muted charcoal stains, has a deep honey tone that imparts a luxurious richness to central spaces like the living or dining area. Golden Ore features a classic golden brown that is sure to complement minimalist interiors and brighten up your rooms. Ringing Anvil lends a dramatic touch to your furnishings with a darker mysterious edge for an antique and aged appeal.

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank Product Specifications

item number: AA773
thickness: 3/8″
width: 5″
square footage per box: 30.48
hardness rating: (psi) 2300
edge profile: Scraped Bevel
surface type: Wire Brushed
floor type: Engineered
material: Hickory
country of origin: USA
radiant heat: OK
Warranty: 30 Years

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank

Anderson Hardwood Flooring Bentley Plank is 3/8 inch thick and 5 inches in width. Beautiful hardwood flooring you will love. Wire brushed finish for a unique look and feel. 30 year direct division warranty. Put some in your cart today.