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Shopping for a discount carpet can be overwhelming with the number of options available in today’s market. At Discount Flooring Liquidators, we can guarantee that you will be impressed with our extensive range of carpet for sale at the best possible prices. No matter what the carpet type or your budget, our job is to make sure we find the right match for your home. Take a look at our featured Shaw Floors products at Discount Flooring Liquidators, for great deals that beat any competitor on the market!

If you are looking for an affordable option that will suit your discerning sense of style, check out our wide range of discount carpet for sale on offer in a variety of carpet styles, colors, and patterns. Carpets are easy to maintain and great for their insulating properties through the colder months of the year. Their non-slippery and durable surface ensure that your busy household can remain to worry free from things breaking if there are accidents in the house.

Caring for a carpet is fuss-free if you vacuum regularly and move furniture around to avoid flattening. While professional cleaning is recommended, it is also possible to maintain and prolong the life of your carpet as a do-it-yourself project. Carpet padding considerably increases the life of your carpet and purchasing both carpet and pad may lengthen your warranty at no added costs.

Types of carpet fibers

Your carpet fiber material should be chosen based on the type of room and your lifestyle. There are four common types of carpets available – nylon, polyester, wool and polypropylene. The bestselling carpet type is nylon, as a versatile and easy to maintain choice. It is great for rooms with heavy foot traffic or the hallways and stairs in the house. Polyester, by contrast, has a more elegant appearance and is available in a massive array of colors and trends. Although it is not the best for high foot traffic, most rooms in the house can have this carpet flooring.

Buy carpet made of wool for its resilient and classic fiber that has superior acoustic properties and regulates humidity in the home. Instead of pure wool, you can also go ahead and buy discount carpet blends that are made of 80% wool and 20% synthetic. While the colors won’t be as vibrant, it is as good as having a 100% wool carpet at a lower cost. Finally, polypropylene carpet for sale is the most budget-friendly option. They are relatively harsh to the touch but deliver long lasting performance over time.

Type of carpets

When looking to shop for a carpet, you should keep in mind the type of cut pile you require. For instance, if you prefer Saxony, then it will be a dense pile that measures 0.5 inches high that give a lush feel. Textured, on the other hand, is not that heavily tufted and is more suitable for a casual appeal in any room of the house. Frieze carpeting is no-nonsense and utilitarian with short fiber that works well with busy areas including commercial settings.

You can also find carpet for sale that has loop pile yarns such as Berber and level. Berber loop has larger loops of natural fibers that are available in different sizes and made from wool or nylon. It is stain resistant but not suitable for pets in the house. The level loop has tufted loops of equal height, leading to an even and smooth finish. It is stable and lasts longer than other carpeting, making it a great fit for high traffic areas of the house.

What to look for in carpets

When you buy carpeting, one of the things to look for is the perfect color choice. Since your carpet is a long-term investment that should last more than a season, it should fit well with your existing decor – try our ‘Area Rug Builder’ to make this easier. Consider the furnishings, walls, and window styles when looking at carpet samples. With discount carpet for sale at Discount Flooring Liquidators, you can find colors that aim to please whether your style is classic contemporary or country chic.

Choose carpet fibers with your expectations of the carpet shelf life. If you are looking for something to last the next year or two, buy discount carpet like polyester or polypropylene. For more resilient carpets, take a look at our nylon carpet range. Of course, your ideal budget will also influence this choice since that will determine your options for carpeting, carpet padding, and carpet installation.


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