COREtec Pro Flooring series presents an innovative and unique high-performance flooring. The Solid or Stone Polymer Core (SPC) combined with trendy colors and realistic textures make for an eye-catching and superior quality flooring for commercial purpose at an affordable price.

The patented and unique solid polymer core of the flooring line is constructed from high-density materials, limestone dust, and virgin PVC. Solid /Stone Polymer Core (SPC) is superior to other construction like Wood Polymer Core (WPC) for commercial use as WPC is more rigid and durable and suitable to withstand more wear and tear.
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COREtec Pro Flooring also is 100% waterproof from above and below so that apart from installation in wet and damp areas the flooring doesn’t warp or swell on exposure to water. The thick and tough outer layer brushes off everyday bruises while a dent-resistant layer around the core provides additional stability, preventing expansion or contraction under temperature and humidity.

COREtec Pro employs a cork underlayment providing unmatched underfoot support and comfort while walking and other activities while muting the sound at the same time. The cork is also resistant to odor-causing molds and mildews and retain heat during winter months. The high durability, stability, and performance make COREtec Pro a perfect choice for high traffic areas in commercial setups and residences.

COREtec Pro Flooring series offers a different range for all your needs. COREtec Pro Galaxy offers excellent value for money by combining technical excellence with the visual appeal within a budget. The new Pro Plus collection enhances the appearance and the performance and offers a more toughened alternative for high traffic residential and commercial areas. The collection is available in planks of 7” width.

The Pro Plus Enhanced collection is available in tiles and planks. The range features enhanced painted bevels edges for realistic stone or wood look with all the features of the COREtec flooring. Painted bevels and Embossed In Register (EIR) technology distinguish the COREtec Pro Plus Enhanced HD collection. This technology imparts the most realistic look and texture of wood to the collection. The stunningly beautiful collection enhances the look of any space commercial or residential with the moderately long planks.

Pro Plus XL Enhanced collection features extra-long planks of 73″. In suitable spaces, these planks enhance the grand sense of scale with its elegant shades along with enhanced painted bevels. The collection also provides superior performance in high footfall areas.

Pro Plus XL Enhanced HD feature enhanced painted bevels along with Embossed In Register (EIR) technology. This combination along with the extra-long planks produce a stunning effect and imparts the most real life-like wood look and feel. But the collection is not only about looks as the collection renders unmatched performance in high traffic areas.

The COREtec Pro Flooring collection offers a lot more than its worth. The patented waterproof core technology, tough outer layer and the dent-resistant middle layer account for highly durable flooring which can withstand residential and commercial uses with aplomb. The stunning shades and real life like textures add character to any space. The superior customer service and extended warranties deliver a unique hassle-free ownership experience.

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