The heart of the COREtec Original flooring is made up of patented and innovative Wood Polymer Core (WPC) constructed with recycled wood and bamboo dust along with virgin PVC. This accounts for a versatile, resilient and durable flooring for all types of residential spaces.

COREtec Original flooring is 100% waterproof and can be installed in wet areas and does not swell or warp in contact with water. The flooring line is inert and dimensionally stable and can be installed in all levels of the house including basements. The scratch and wear-resistant outer layer make the flooring kid and pet-proof and also make it shine like new over the years.
12 Style & Color Combinations


A unique advantage of the Wood Polymer Core (WPC) over Solid Polymer Core (SPC) is that WPC makes the floor soft and resilient underfoot and is suitable for residences. The COREtec Original line adds a cork underlayer to make it more comfortable to walk and stand on. This layer also dampens the sound, retains warmth in winter and prevents the growth of molds and mildew. The cork layer also resists the growth of mold and mildew and make the floor less smelly.

COREtec Original flooring range is available in a vast range to suit all tastes, design requirements and budget. COREtec Original flooring DESIGN™ collection makes a visual statement with bold styling with embossing technology in multi-tone planks and tiles of different width. COREtec Plus retains the technical superiority of the flooring line and is available in tiles and planks of varying sizes. While the tiles retain the beauty of stones and marble, the planks replicate timeless hardwood and are available in two widths of 5” and 7” to suit all spaces and interiors.

COREtec Plus Enhanced sets the visual standard in LVP. The 4-sided painted bevel adds an unprecedented depth in realistic natural looks. The stunning look is backed by the patented COREtec® technology.

COREtec Plus HD™ utilizes Embossed In Register (E.I.R.) technology along with an enhanced painted bevel to impart a real hardwood feel unlike any other product in the market.

COREtec Plus Xl is the largest LVP plank in the market and is a class in itself. The 9″ wide planks offer high performance and visually stunning flooring solutions to extremely large spaces.

COREtec Plus XL Enhanced improves on the look and feel of the large planks. The superbly embossed grain pattern along with enhanced painted bevel delivers a surprisingly realistic look, feel and detail of real hardwood floors.

The newest in the LVP evolution is COREtec Plus Premium. It is also the most comfortable and advanced. Along with enhancements in the COREtec Original flooring construction and realistic textures, the flooring line offers a softer and warmer floor in different plank width.

With breathtakingly beautiful shades, realistic textures and feel and class-leading performance, COREtec Original flooring line has redefined luxury vinyl flooring. Along with the extended and lifetime warranties and outstanding service this flooring product offers exceptional value for money, ownership experience and peace of mind.

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